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Frequently asked questions on kitchens and fitted wardrobes.

One window Solution

One window Solution to all Kitchen Wardrobe needs

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Award-winning designing team.


We offer a wide range of kitchen furniture, including kitchen cabinets, worktops, islands, pantry cabinets, dining sets, and more. Our collection is designed to suit various styles and preferences, from modern to traditional.

We offer a wide range of German & English Kitchen furniture and we can provide Kitchen in every price range from £10k to £75k.

Yes, many of our kitchen cabinets are customizable to fit your specific dimensions. We understand that every kitchen is unique, and our goal is to provide you with furniture that perfectly fits your space.

Its as simple is 123. Book an appointment with our designers and we will take it from there.

Yes, We offer one window solution to all your Kitchen needs. We design, deliver & install your kitchen.

Our German Kitchens comes pre-assembled by state of the art robotic machines to maintain the rigidity. However, our English kitchen cabinets are available in both pre-assembled and flat-packed options. Pre-assembled cabinets provide convenience, while flat-packed cabinets are ideal for those who prefer DIY assembly or have specific space constraints.

After The Contract Is Signed

Once the contract is signed, we will double check the home measurements and place the order with the suppliers and will send you the confirmation of delivery date with completion plan.

Yes the German Kitchen Furniture comes with the 5-10 Years of Guarantee depending on the range and suppliers.

Yes, we can, but it is a lengthy and expensive process to get an accurate match. We have to send out a sample of your existing finish for color matching. This can take 6 to 8 weeks in addition to cabinet production time.

We normally say it takes around 2-4 weeks for our fitted wardrobes to be delivered and fitted.


Our German Kitchen furniture’s lead time is from 4-6 weeks depending upon the furniture range. A RAL/RCS colour or further bespoke furniture might take a week extra.

Our English kitchen take as long as 7-14 days from the confirmation of order.

Speak to your designers for best Worktop options such as Quartz, Dekton, Corian and other.

We are not incentivized by any appliance brands and we recommend an appliance on the basis of your cooking style, budget and preferences. Should you have any question please contact the designer to guide you.